Frequently Asked Questions

No, by no means. Additional fees may be charged upon return if the vehicle smells cigarettes or other substances.

No unfortunately for a question of hygiene and allergy, no pets are allowed in the units for rent.

No, unfortunately, for now the rental is only possible at our Beloeil location whether for a departure or a return.

Yes, you must have one for each child. Children under 3 years old must be transported by means of a suitable restraint system (baby seat). Children over 3 years old who are less than 150 cm tall and weigh less than 36 kg (that is, children under 12 years old) must use the car seat, the booster seat or the booster cushion when traveling.

No. Only a valid Class 5 license (regular class) is required.

Yes. However, there are some restrictions. To know them, contact a person in charge of the rent department at 1.844.877.8297 extension 255

No, by no means. All passengers must be seated and tied up.

Before leaving, we suggest you calculate the approximate number of kilometers you will travel during your rental. All rentals include 2,100 kilometers. If you expect to exceed this number, you can purchase an additional 500 km block at a cost of $100 or pay an additional $0.30 per kilometer upon your return.

Yes. Your coverage covers all of Canada and the United States.

As soon as possible to have the choice of your dates and the vehicle adapted to your needs. If necessary, do not forget to book your campsite quickly.

Yes, of course, provided we have a copy of all the driver’s licenses for each driver on file.

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